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Indeed, this is the ‘about us page at the Media News Headlines website

About us

Firstly, the Universal Headlines is a website that comes in two parts. Obviously, we have the Universal News Headlines here and a Media Forum for all. This is indeed, our ‘about us’ page. In effect, our websites are run by a few people who care about the news and what is happening around the world. Indeed, we hope you are too.
About Us - Universal Headlines - Media Forums

On the whole, the Universal Headlines Forum is a place to join in with the news articles of the day and have your say. With this in mind, please join the forum today. Obviously, you can comment on anything you like. Indeed, create your own forum posts! Also, if you want to post news that is only local to your area, then please do so. In fact, we encourage you to do this.

About The News Headlines Forum

As previously noted, the media news headlines displays all news headlines from around the world. Hence, Universal Headlines. Obviously, we have put the forum in the main URL. In other words, we put more emphasis on the chat rooms. With this in mind, we encourage people to join the forum and post all news there. This is because the media blog generally takes care of itself.

About Us - News headlines forum - media hype

In effect, the massive Universal Headlines Forum has so many forums. So, let us explain what forums we have there. To begin with, we have the main news forum for any news, or indeed breaking news. Then we have the rest of the news articles broken up into categories. In effect, this is subjects such as Serious News like Politics and Terrorism. We also have Wonderful News like, Nature, Science, Space, Technology and Health etc. Obviously, the rest of the forum has many other categories too.

All in all, there is a forum for everyone. Even those who have no interest in the news also have their own ‘off topic’ forum. Indeed, there you can chat about absolutely anything under the sun. So, no excuses, if you like talking about what is happening around the world – join today ans have your say.

About The Media News Blog

In brief, the media news headlines website consists of many easily read news headlines. Of course, we list all breaking news on the hour, every hour. So, we are always up to date with all the news from around the world. With this in mind, these are in the form of clickable bullet points. So, all you need to do is click the news headline. Once you do that, the news article proper pops up.
About us - universal headlines - world-wide news forum and blogs
Obviously, that is not rocket science. But, of course, we did have to point that out for new readers.

To Sum Up

All in all, the Universal Headlines is all about the news from around the world. In addition, we would like as many people as possible to join in with us and talk about what is happening in their part of the world. In other words, we all want to know!

Finally, we hope you enjoy your stay at the Universal Headlines website.

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