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Indeed, this is the site information page

In brief, this is The Universal Headlines site information page. You can also access these in the tabs above. However, you can click them here too.

About us – indeed, who we are.
Contact us – please allow time for a reply
Forum – news chat, also media forums.
Fun and games – relax here too!
Home page – in short, bookmark us.
Privacy Policy – our promise to you, also our cookie policy.
Search Results – search the whole web from here also.

News categories – all in all, this is all the newsworthy categorised items list:

Site Information - join the world wide news headlines forum - global media chat room

This is also the way to the news headlines


To begin with, The Universal Headlines Media website and associated News Forum includes all newsworthy articles. As a matter of fact we cover all sorts of news articles. From local and national news where you live together with international news stories making the headlines.

Site Information

As can be seen above in the statement, our site revolves around news articles including breaking news as it happens. However, we provide all the necessary information about our website. So, we have included the ‘about us’ page which tells people what we are about. Likewise, we have published our privacy policy with the cookie policy. Finally we have included a contact form in case you need to write to us for any reason. In particular, we would like to know if we can improve the site in any way.

By the same token, our Universal Headlines Forum is a good way to make posts about the news. Of course, it is a general forum where people can post just about anything they like as it is not limited to just news. In order to improve the news forum too we would like some feedback. In the long run, we are thinking of including separate categories for the various countries around the world. Obviously, if there is a demand, we will include this immediately. Hence, if you have the time, you can let us know which forum you would like us to add and you can post as much news as you like. So, if you would like to make a forum about your local area, please contact us or leave a message in the news forum.

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