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News Categories

Firstly, welcome to the Universal Headlines. At the present time we have all news headlines covered. However we have divided them into six separate categories for your convenience. As a result, the news headlines become more clearly defined. For instance, the sports news headlines only list what is happening in the world of sport. Likewise, all scientific and technology advances have their own headlines and so on. Obviously, there is the Universal News Headlines that lists all news articles together.

World-Wide News Headlines

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The world-wide news headlines also includes all the main news headlines from all over the world. Obviously, political headlines make up a large amount of this news. With Britain opting to leave the EU, Donald Trump becoming President of the United States and Russia becoming more aggressive, these sort of news headlines may dominate for a while to come.

Sports News Headlines

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Together with the most popular sports such as football and athletics we also list the minor sporting events too. In reality, if there is a major sporting event from around the world, that will get more coverage. However, all sports headlines get coverage here regardless of their nature. Obviously, this includes sports such as fishing, snooker and even darts!

Science and Technology News Headlines

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The Universal Headlines also will ensure that all scientific and technological advances get coverage too. All space news headlines comes under this category too. As a matter of fact, we leave no stone unturned in this section. Moreover, all advances in technology, including scientific and space discoveries get special attention. In fact, they become published articles very soon after the information becomes available.

Entertainment News Headlines

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In view of the fact that entertainment is big business and that the public sees celebrity gossip as news, we have included this category. However, news from the world of entertainment is not always gossip, some of it is very real indeed. With this in mind, the public want to know and so it becomes news. Finally in this section we do not limit this category to show-business only. After all, the category is all about entertainment. Therefore, we group it with home-entertainment news as well.

Health and Well-Being News

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Obviously, from the title of this news section, we focus on news articles surrounding health and well-being. With this in mind, this category covers news articles such as advances in medicine and generally keeping fit. In short, this section is all about news articles that helps to keep our mind and body in shape. So, here you will find medical news and even healthy eating options.

And Finally

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Finally, the Uncategorised News Headlines covers all other topics in the news. In reality, if the news articles listed here does not slot into the categories above, then they stay here. Of course this section includes some of the more unusual news articles. By the same token, much of the news headlines here can be bad news but also may be good news.

To sum up

To sum up, the Universal Headlines here at the Media News Blogs lists all the newsworthy headlines from across the world. In effect, news comes pouring in every second. With this in mind, separating the news into news categories was our best option.
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