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To begin with, the media news headlines forum is for everyone. That is to say that even news articles are not your cup of tea, you will be welcome. Together with our main news categories, we have a general off topic forum for all other topics. However, we have categories such as science news, health news as well as general news headlines. To put it differently, if you want to come along to chat about the news do so. Likewise, if you just want to natter or gossip about anything, our forum is for you. By all means, please join us and have your say!

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Generally speaking, the Universal Headlines website is just that - news headlines from around the world. For the most part, The Universal Headlines will list the news as clickable bullet points, but you can still rate the articles and comment on them as normal. However, we prefer to discuss the articles in our News Forums where we have all subject matters categorised. Finally, we cover all news items from local news to national and international headlines. Meanwhile, bookmark this website for future reference and join in with us.

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While the Universal Headlines Forum and Media News website concentrates mostly on news articles, we do like to chill out. With this in mind, we have included a fun and games section here. At the present time we have all sorts of games from Super Mario to Pacman. There is also Tetris and the excellent, and highly addictive Bubble Shooter game. By all means, bookmark us and call back as often as you can as we update the games from time to time. While you are here browsing the news headlines, why not take a break and join in with the fun.

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In order to keep all site information separate from the meaty news headlines, we have included a site info section. While the Universal Headlines website is pretty large, we need to keep all the necessary website issues in order. This section includes the 'about us', our 'privacy police' and of course, the contact us page. While we appreciate these items are not of much interest to most people, they are there just in case. Obviously, we would like people to join in and spread the news but if you find any issues with our website, tell us.
The first thing to remember is that when it comes to news headlines, they can be quite catching or alarming. However, we must point out that all news isn't that bad! The Universal Headlines cover all the subject matters such as politics, science, technology, environment and health issues etc. In the long run, there are positive and negative news headlines. In short, it all depends upon your point of view.
The Universal Headlines includes both the news forums and media headlines websites. That is to say we have two separate websites and you are currently at the world-wide news headlines site. However, we have a News Headlines Forum for everyone. The Universal News Headlines displays the news in bullet points, while the forum is for in-depth analysis. However, since we realise than there is more to life than news articles, the forum is for absolutely any subject going. With this in mind, join in with us and be as creative as you like. Given that we cater for everyone, all we ask is that you stick by the rules of the forum. In this case, they are intended to make sure everyone feels at home.